Not all Treasure is 



What’s meant to be yours is already making it’s a way to you.

What was never yours is starting flee from you. With time it will all make sense.


For now, bear the confusion and focus on the Thriftventure


INFUCE2K19 Techno cultural magnificent glory  of UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, MUTTOM, THODUPUZHA proudly presents 


A culmination of fun, adventure and a bunch of competitive technical add-on’s to cheer up the mood.

Let the game ventured. 


A hunt for the treasures on 10-05-2019 at 10:00 am


Form a team of 4 and get yourself registered at the pricing of Rs:200


  1. The team must consist of 5 participants.
  2. Use of mobile phones will be allowed only as per directions of coordinators.
  3. The team must travel on foot only unless stated to use any other means.
  4. Use of unfair means, malpractices & any violation of rules will get the group disqualified from the contest
  5. Registration fees, in any case, is not refundable.

Akshay – 8075957985 , Rohan – 9496419992