Sacrificed Your Sleep For The Love Of Games?Ready For Some High Octane Action


1. The match will be on duo mode.
2. The match starts only when 49 teams are online.
3. The login credentials will be provided 10 minutes prior to the match.
4. The participants need not be compulsorily inside the campus.
5. Registration can be done only through online
5. Scheduled time of the event is:-
May 9
Time:-2 PM
May 10
Time:-2 PM
Date:  9/05/2019  & 10/05/2019
Time:  Full day
Reg Fee: Rs. 50/-
Winner Takes All !!!
1. Only teams with a total strength of 2500 will be allowed.
2.Match time will be 6 minutes.
3. 16 players start by competing for each other and the last two wins 1st and 2nd prizes.
Date:  10/05/2019
Time:  Full day                                                                                                                Reg Fee: Rs. 20/-
Prize: 1st-200Rs, 2nd-100Rs

Nikhil – 8157845891, Arjun – 9446650754