Give your technical ability as a chance to control the world illusions and technology.A mobile robot has capability to move by following black line in white environment .


   Time: 2 pm

Line follower rules and regulations

The bot must be self
contained, and not externally operated by wire or by remote radio control during the race.

Except for the battery pack, the handle shall not make any addition, removal, replacement or change to the hardware of line followed during a contest. Minor repair are not permissible.

The bot shall not jump over, fly over, climb, scratch, cut, burn, mark damage the maze.

The bot shall not exceed 18cm in overall length,18cm in overall width and 15cm in overall height.

Within the give performance time, the handle is allowed to replace batteries and/or upload new program parameter to the bot.

The bot shall have a specified maximum number of attempts to run the track within a stipulated line limit.

If the bot leaves the line, and has not crossed the finishing line, it will be considered to have gone off the track and that run shall be invalid.

Surface of racing track will use a base material suitable for racing

Surface of the racing track is white with continuous black line drawn in the middle
The minimum bending radius of racing track will not be less than 30 cms

The decisions regarding rules and regulations and the conduct of event shall be final

The coordinators also reserve the right to stop a run and declare disqualification or give instruction as appropriate

Any deviation from above mentioned rules will be disqualify the teams

Participants are always responsible for the safety of their robots and organizing team member will never be responsible nor liable for any incident/accident caused by participant

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