Infuce GP

Hello RC Enthusiast

Gear up for rumbling engines of nitro cars, the thrilling speed of the wild beast, and the adrenaline packed races at the all-new Full Throttle of INFUCE 2K19.
Brace yourself to be enthralled on the majestic track!

Get ready for the perplexed gushing bouts, which will go down to the wire.
Date: 9/05/2019
Time: 1pm to 3pm
Reg Fee: Rs. 500
Prize money worth 10K

  • A Team should not consist more than 4 members.
  • The Arena would be divided into several quadrants, with each quadrants having checkpoints at beginning and end. 
  • Only 2 persons from a team are allowed on the track area during  race.
  • If a bot crosses the limits of tracks, the bot would be placed back to the beginning of the current quadrant. No penalty time will be added in this case, but failed attempt’s time would be taken into account for total time record. Further if a team decides to skip a quadrant, it is accepted, but a time penalty would be added to the total time.
  • Robot shouldn’t be weaponized and shouldn’t destroy or dismantle the track in any manner. If done so, the team is eligible for immediate disqualification.
  • No test practice will be allowed on the track and Bots with ready-made body types are not allowed.
  • Time Limit of Race and Penalty Time details will be disclosed only prior to the start of the event.
  • In the event of unexpected power cut or engine failure during the race, race will be restarted. This is only limited for two times in a run.
  • Machine should be fit in the box of dimensions 900mm X 800mm X 800mm (L x B x H) at any moment of time during the race.the external device which is used to control the machine is not included in the size constraint. 
  • If two tyres of the car go out of the track, the car should be restored back to the previous check point
  • Distribution of prize money is subject to variations with the no. of total teams appearing for the event. Exact amount will be disclosed on the day of event. 
  • The verdict of Coordinating Committee will be final and the committee have the right to change the rules.

Raghav – 9446973462,  Mahin Sha – 9562086209