cs coding
“As the test get more specific the code gets more genetic.”
         Coding is today’s language of creativity. You deserve a chance to become a creator. ENIGMA imparts you the fortuity to make it happen.
Be there at INFUCE 2k19, the techno-cultural fest of University College of Engineering muttom on May 9 & 10 to take a part in the blind coding challenge.
For those who know the keywords that your fingers can just slide through the keyboard, this is for you. Make it work, make it right, make it fast. Cause those who are late do not get fruit cup.
 Time : 12 pm
 Event prizes worth 3K
 Registration fee: 50 rupees
1. One question will be given to the contestant ,he/she has to code it while the monitor is turned off.
2. Initially the monitor will be turned on for 3 minutes. The competition will last for 30 minutes. At the end 3 minutes will be given for a quick look.
3.The code has to be written in C language.
4. The evaluation will be based on the correctness of the program syntactically and semantically.

Ashwin Menon – 7012864339, Anuradha – 9605403556